Tinuvinil's Journal - Extract 3

Has been many moons since I have put pen to paper. Alas, now so much has happened, it seems only adequate to do so. At last, I walk the familiar paths of my homeland, stiding purposefully between the flets of Lothlorien. It brings joy to my heart to be in a place that means so much to me. The journey was swift and completed perfectly. The trip was as expected, departing from Imladris. The Gap of Rohan - as predicted - was blocked, therefore we had to walk the treacherous paths of Moria. Much to the disconsent of myself, Andarne and Lady Mithanor. Alas, we are now home, and I cannot possibly be in a better frame of mind. I hold company - with a friend, she means a lot to me and I thought it woul ease her troubled mind were she to accompany me back home. Lady Mithanor. That is her name. She dances gracefully, and her voice is like that of The Lady's. She is a pleasant lady, and it disturbs me to see her as she is. However, my plan worked, and her mind has been eased since we have been home. She wishes to spend more time in my company, and I will not hesitate to oblige. There is a lot to sort. For my new position carries many a duty. Therefore I have to keep a tight schedule and make sure everything it as it should be. However, for the first time in years, I think not of duties. But of Mithanor, and her current frame of mind and welfare. But formost, Malliel, my kinsman, friend, sister, daughter.. And my closest friend; Andarne. Malliel and Andarne, Andarne and Malliel, two names which fit so perfectly together, like lyrics of a song of old. My friends, my Family, united as one, and I; Tinuvinil, are permitted to witness such. Tis an honour, and will remain as the happiest moment of my life. Forever more.