Allies of the Night

Founding date
January 2015
Helping poor people, treasure hunting and fighting for free people
Main area of operations
Kinship type
Anyone who is fighting for justice
Traitors, bandits, anyone who stands against us
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


There is a rumour among people of Bree-lands, that one creepy guy, who wears a black hood, mask and weird dirty cloak could be seen around. There is one name circling around. That name is ''Nightcrawler''. 

People of the Beggar's alley and poor villagers from nearby villages know him as a helper and a man who fights on their side if it's needed. That man appears mysterious. No one knows his real name. Among the poor people he is ahero, but for others, he is just a freak who stares at people. An ordinary citizen would rather stay away from him. But his true nature is totally different. Nightstalker is a fighter for justice all his life. The person who fights for the things and people whose deserves to be fought for.

Nightstalker decides to form a group of free people who will help with his main goal, ''to bring justice to the place where it belongs!'' He has an allies among all races Some of his most trusted friends:

Nimreen- beautiful elf maiden from Lorien which appearance  atracts many people, traveler and archer of great skills. Brothers Rodregar and Holdegar- hobbits from Stock, famous because of their experience in charity and protectors of the Shire. Karvir- famous cartographer and treasure hunter.

They work together ! They stay together and support each other even in hardest times! They are helpers and heroes of the free people. They are not just allies, they are friends. They are fighting for justice and honour.

They are Allies of the Night!

(( Allies of the Night are heavy RP mixed race kinship with friendly members and good OOC atmosphere. We do RP, leveling, instances, raids... Every kind person here is most welcome. Being kind and friendly is the only thing you need to be in this kinship. We accept beginners in RP and LOTRO generally and we are willing to help them as much as we can. We are organizing weekly events, rolling system RP, skirmishing nights etc. Any new ideas of our members are most welcome as well. Contact Lazaros,Holdegar or other online officers in game or mail. if you are interested in joining. Welcome! ))


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