As time passes

It has been a while since I last wrote about what happened. Perhaps to much has happened for me to do so.

I guess I should start with what happened after I joined the Fateless Wanderers.
I do not regret joining Fiontann and his new order. They are doing everything I would do myself and I feel honored to follow him... To follow Rothrian.. and fight aside the friends that I have made within the order. Yet trouble still clouds my mind.

After I broke up with Rothrian I found myself slipping back into the darkness that I had escaped from before. By now she knows that I have moved on from what happened between us and that I am glad we are still good friends. Little does she know of the grasp she still has on me. It matter not though... I will defeat the shadows within my mind and move on.

Comming to my second point with that statement.
Ever since I returned from Angmar all those months ago I have not been the same.
I recently discovered that what I believe has happened in Angmar might not be as true as my mind says it is. 
A false truth that my mind made up is covering what really happened to me out there.
I can feel how something is trying to influence my action from within my own body but I must not surrender to it.
It caused me the woman I loved and probably a part of the trust that both Fiontann and Rothrian had in me.
As Fiontann said, I must reclaim who I am.... become who I was before I went to Angmar. If I can manage to do so then this will all pass and I will finally be able to do what I always did.

As a third point there is the concern for my kinsmen.
For a starter there is the company I used to run with. I have barely seen any of them after our battles in Annuminas, nor have I heard from them. I hope they are all still alive and well out there. 
Then there is Tarrah, or as she prefers to be called..... Greywolf.
A young ranger who, like myself, has a wolf at her side. It has been long since I last seen her and to be fair I miss her company every now and then. So does Fang.
Her wolf Naerna, and Fang always got along so well. I guess you could say the old dog was in love with that wolf... and perhaps still is.
Last I heard from her she was looking for the ranger known as  ''The Grey Warden'',. I hope she has found him.
Which brings me to my last Kinsmen....
The Grey Warden.
A friend to my brother Fiontann and a myth amongst my kin. His reputation variants from good to bad within our own but I believe there is more good to him then bad.
He dislikes me as much as anyone from my kin... perhaps even more. 
Who could blame him. We first met after my return from Angmar and as I stated before.. I was not who I normally am.... I hope I can speak with him again and perhaps we one day can become friends. 
Until then I hope he stays safe.... A wanted poster with lies was brought out stating that he killed innocent men. A big pile of bullocks of you ask me. 
People hunt him for the bounty.... I wish those people luck, and hope they have good medicine with them for they will need it when he takes them out. 

I guess you can say my life has taken a downward turn. But I must not give into it.. Not just yet.
Fiontann has summoned us to meeting and I believe something big is about to happen. Lets hope that for once I can control that darkness within me and be of use to my friends and family. 


Time will tell.....