Bree Adventurers Association

Founding date
August 2014
Roleplay with a nice group of active friends and rediscover Middle-Earth!
Main area of operations
Bree is the center, and we travel around Eriador.
Kinship type
Company of Rhovanion, Feanaro Nosseo
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


The Bree Adventurers Associations is recruiting! An active RP kinship that has as a purpose to rediscover the wonders of Middle-Earth! Pm us or meet us at the Pony in our daily meetings for adventuring on Eriador! We travel in groups of 4 or more and visit Inns and dungeons! Join us and get ready for adventure!

The Bree Adventurers Association was created by Anadryt of Rohan and Quiz of Gondor to help those refugees like themselves find a place to call home. The BAA works as a tool for traders and merchants of Bree in needs of a hand, selling their goods around Eriador, looking for rare resources, but also accepts others tasks that require them to travel for a reasonable price. They have grown to become a respected Association in Bree-land, and have contacts in the Shire and Ered Luin. Their members are not only crafters and traders, but many warriors and ex-soldiers have also join tired of the tough life at the army. The BAA is growing quickly and their reputation has been heard all across Eriador already. 


No members yet.

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