Servants of Mordor

Founding date
The goals of our kinship are kept within the kinship, for the time being.
Main area of operations
All of Middle-Earth.
Kinship type
Those allied to the Shadow.
The Free-Peoples
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


The shadow has once again lain sway over Middle-Earth. Mordor’s power is rising in the east and the poisonous wastes of Angmar are once again stirring under command of the Red Steward. In their wake, came once again crawling the wicked servants of darkness; men who have pledged their lives to the Dark Lord and now have returned to answer the call of their Master once again.

Morsarch speaks: 

Thou art of no importance, if thou dost not serve Him or his likeness. Thou art not worthy, if thou art not willing to give in to His wishes and thou shouldst give in to His wishes, for the Eye sees all, hears all and knows all. Thou art a fool, if thou does not listen to mine words, which are His words, which is His bidding.  Our master is a merciful one and he doeth not let loyalty pass unrewarded. Join the ranks of the Shadow, and be forgiven for all thine insolence. The armies are marching, there is no other way. 

Additional Kinship Information

Lifespan Rank:     Ten
Eligible Races:     Men, Dourhand Dwarves

OOC Note:

We are a kinship with our focus on the evil and more malevolent side of RP. Our purpose is to serve the Dark Lord in whatever ways he deems fit. We currently seek Men of Darkness - and evil Dwarves - to join our ranks. If you would like more information, to initiate an RP event/session, or are interested in joining, contact Ferngurth
Come visit our decorated kinship house! 
9 Chestnut Street, Gravendore, Bree-land Homesteads
More information on the kinship will follow as we progress through development and in-game occurances.


Ferngurth Ferngurth, the Mask of Morgul Man
Gimilthor Gimilthôr The Firebrand Man
Morsarch Morsarch, the Hymn-Chanter Prince Man
Rivangneth Rivangneth Man

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