The Traveling Bilberries

Founding date
In the year 2014
Main area of operations
the Shire, but: Have Band, Will Travel!
Organisation type
Racial type
Music style(s)
a diversity of styles
Organisation status
Active (not recruiting)


(and the bands they also play in or cooperate with)

Allegretta Aleford - the Aleford Sisters

Anerra Happyheart - Brandy Badgers, Bramblebury Band, Evendim Hillbillies

Gennetta Aleford - the Aleford Sisters

Peppy Bristlebrush - Bramblebury Band/Greenbrambles, Evendim Hillbillies, co-founder of Hobbit Heart

Potty Nutbutter - Brandy Badgers, Evendim Hillbillies

Toadflax Nosely - Pudding Riot, Brandywine and Biscuits

Toolee Twitchytoes - Pudding Riot


What happens when you put  together dedicated musicians who earned their spurs in other bands? You get what some might call a "super group",  but they modestly just call themselves "the Traveling Bilberries"! The members each contribute tunes and lyrics to the ever growing repertoire. But they favour quality over quantity and work hard to make everything they play as perfect as they can.

There are songs, often humorous, dances and refined music all expertly written, arranged and played by the Bilberries.

Yes, their ambitions are high, but they believe in themselves and in their ability to entertain you with their music. If you have a chance to see them perform, go and enjoy the experience that is..

The Traveling Bilberries!

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