Founding date
Winter 2013
Promote Elven RP and stories within LOTRO
Main area of operations
Thorenhad ruins (Trollshaws)
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Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
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A new kinship centered around the idea of the actions of the elves that are only hinted at in Tolkien's canon novel, which necessarily follows a narrative thread focusing on the quest to destroy Sauron's Ring.

Begun by Lord Lodhreth, the scion of a faded elven realm nigh to where Lond Daer was built, I'Hosse is a voluntary Army of a lost country. The poignancy is not lost on its members, young and old alike.

After the Second Sundering, some of the Nandor moved through the gap of Rohan, populating the southern forests of Eriador. Mingling with many of the Sindarin Green Elves from lands south of the Ered Luin they formed sparsely populated domains and adopted a life of plenty in a region of temperate climate, plentiful game and thick forests. One such was Thônnadhor, straddling the Gwathlo -the land so named for the dense pine forests below which Nandorin elves ordered themselves in loose bands under a common sovereign who was one of the original Avarin chiefs, from whom Lodhreth could rightly claim descent. The land of Thônnadhor slumbered from the first settlement until the arrival of Numenorean fleets under Aldarion. The founding of the city of Lond Daer was less than a blessing to the elves, whose number was not nearly enough to resist the steady deforestation, unnoticeable by the men who carried it out over generations, but painfully obvious to the elves. The ensuing wars of the Second Age brought about the ruin of both. Most of the elves of Thônnadhor removed to Imladris, Lorien or the Lindons.


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