Archers of the Golden Wood

Founding date
November 2009
Protect the borders of Lothlorien and the Free People.
Main area of operations
Lothlorien, Ettenmoors, Mirkwood.
Kinship type
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)
Aerrod, Feldunir, Valrond, Dagariel


It was in the Second Age. A lonely hunter, Feldunir Elorin, was hunting in the Golden Wood. He was alone. And as the sun comes down, it is getting colder. Feldunir thought he might saw another target for his hunting. He slowly approached it. Suddenly he recognized that there was nothing and he heard a strange noise from the right side in the bushes. He immediately turned his had. A little goblin he saw there, doing something. Feldunir stood still, trying not to move. The goblin stopped to rummage around. It seems the goblin knew that someone is behind him. The little creature turned his head directly to the hunter. Starring at him. Not moving at all. Feldunir started to feel threatend by those green and cold eyes of this goblin. A short moment passed and the goblin ran away. Into the woods of Mirkwood. The hunter saw the darkness. The mist and dark woods scared Feldunir. He did not follow the goblin. Instead he visited Galadriel. Told her his feelings and the fear that he felt. Also when there was nothing to fear. Galadriel told him that she was feeling the same way. And something must be done. Who knows what lurks in those dark woods of Mirkwood or beyond. There has to be a protection. Galadriel invited more archers. A meeting was formed. There were not many good archers. Feldunir and Madox were called. And a task was given to them. They had to gather more archers and form a council. So the Archers of the Golden Wood were created. A kinship with elven archers inside. Feldunir traveled to many places. In the pony he found, Aiumdurr. Another very good hunter, who promised to be one of the Archers. So in this kinship you can find one of the best ones, that Galadriel can offer to protect the Golden Wood and maybe all of Middle-Earth.


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