Founding date
Main area of operations
Falathlorn, Rivendell (also Landroval)
Organisation type
Racial type
Music style(s)
Melodic music appropriate to Middle-earth, arranged or composed by our members.
Organisation status
Active and recruiting
Makalaure, Miste, Phedelene, Tamaren


Makalaure: Musical director and composer (Makalaure on Landroval)

Miste: Composer and First Harp (Maitime on Landroval)

Fionulea: Star arranger (Fionnuala on Landroval)

Phedelene: Composer and bagpipe lover (Phedelene on Landroval)

Tamaren: First Therobo (Tameren on Landroval)

Ancalimo: Co-founder and scribe

Elinnea: Band Historian and also Roadie (Elinnea on Landroval)

Earalenia: Young Composer

Auruiron: Student of Music

Manadhlaer: Lead floutist

Nifferil: on leave of absence

Duissane: Wanderer

Edheldae (Landroval): Transcriber

Kio (Landroval): Musician                     


((Interview taken from the Landroval Times, May 2012))

01) What made you decide to start a band?

Andunie is just the latest. Keptwise and I got together with the idea of creating a music group that was made up of anyone interested. I created The Songbook of Laurelin in the late spring of 2008 and we started gathering musicians over on Elendilmir. Simply put our ideas bloomed with starting Music Societies where members were not required to belong to one kinship. Keptwise's Eriador Music Society was the first but we evolved and brought together Falibrand's Green Hill Music Society and eventually Andunie an Elven Music Society. Since I am a roleplayer I went from Landroval to Laurelin and asked for musicians who were interested in starting a music society made up of roleplaying Elves. There was lots of musical interest so we started a year ago transcribing songs and working on originals. We have members on both Landroval and Laurelin now.

02) How long have you been making music together?

Officially Andunie was born after Weatherstock last year, 2011. We have added musicians as we go about our events or testing. I should mention that if any of your Elven readers are interested in playing music in a band we would be happy to give you a berth with Andunie. If you do not know much about music we can teach you, both to play and to transcribe.

03) What kind of music can Weatherstock goers expect to hear?

We intend to play original tunes for the event but we do many other tunes as well which you will hear in our concert Saturday June 2nd.

04) Do you transcribe the music yourselves?

Indeed we do and we love to find obscure songs to work on or songs we have not heard others play. We never play songs our members have not originally transcribed and I admit I personally have NEVER played with such a talented group of creative musicians. I think every member is a real musician outside of game as well.

05) Does your band have any original pieces they play, or alternately, is there a signature tune your band is known for?

We have many original tunes by several of our members. Our signature tune is an original song called Unity. You will hear it at Weatherstock. When we get our drums out you will know we intend to play it for you. :D

06) How do you choose which songs to add to your repertoire?

Very simply we see how many Andunie members show up and go down the list of songs for that many parts. We add some we have not played last time and remove some we have played recently so things are fresh. Our members act as a team and we decide together all the things we need to discuss before our events.

07) Do you hold regularly scheduled concerts on your home server?

We test our songs on Thursdays on Laurelin and once testing is complete we usually retire to Lord Elrond's Hall of Fire to play for anyone who cares to listen. We have played for Elven dances and have given one "official" and advertised concert in Celondim which was very well received.

08) Are you available for parties/events other kins may be having?

We love to play for events if we can gather together the players. Since our players are from all areas of the globe it sometimes requires a bit of thought. Our players will many times set their alarms for the middle of the night in order to come in game and play for an event. I am on the west coast of the US and one of our members is in Moscow so you can see that getting musicians together can be a chore.

09) How do you decide on wardrobe and colour choices?

Hey, we are Elves! You can expect classical style that has been around for many yeni! Colors? Generally white so we do not conflict with any official colors of the ancestral houses or insignias of well-known Elves.

10) Any special surprises in store for Weatherstock that you care to share with readers, or any special message you'd like to give concert goers?

Surprises? If we told you it wouldn't be a surprise would it?

Special message? Perhaps a special petition to the Valar that none of us goes link-dead during a song would be helpful! ;)


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