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Tîn Gilith


Galadhrim Archer, Member of the Royal Guard

AgeElf of the Third Age
ResidenceCaras Galadhon, Lothlórien


Outward Appearance


Tin Gilith is slightly taller than average for a female elf, generally coming in a couple of inches under most men of her race. Despite displaying many of the attributes commonly found in the Elven race, Gilith is rather 'quirky', not something she is proud of, but something she has learned to live with. In many ways she is all the things that one would expect of her in many regards simply due to blood; elegant, graceful, fine boned and well educated. Yet there are some traits of her personality that are rather unique. 


As an elf Gilith's age ventures into many digits, but in appearance, when compared to a human woman of similar maturity, slight lines at the corner of her eyes and an air of experience and sophistication would lend her the equivalence of someone in her early forties. Her hair is a soft shade platinum with golden strands kept long for the sake of her own vanity, but she employs a range of styling to keep it from becoming a hindrance and it changes frequently, often adorned with clips and ornaments of which she is fond.


Gilith’s overall demeanor is quietly affable and she is rarely seen without a small smile on her face. She prefers to project a professional and approachable disposition at both friends and acquaintances alike, her temperament ever steady. There are none in Lothlorien that have ever seen her anger in such a manner as to raise her voice ( oddly enough no one recalls what her voice sounds like .) as Gilith prefers to solve disputes with quiet kindness and good graces rather than bickering openly.


On most days, she is followed by the fresh scent of citrus with a hint of jasmine flowers. The very few that visit her Talan in Caras Galadhon, would probably note that the scent is derived from orange blossoms and jasmine growing in her suspended garden, and it tends to follow her around in a pleasant cloud of fragrance whether she likes it or not.



-The Tales of Tîn Gilith -


( Work In Progress ) 


A few acquaintances, mostly among the Royal Guard and the Court


None left in Middle-earth




The sound of the stream, the fresh breeze among the leaves, and walking in starlight




To fulfill her duty to protect the Lord and Lady of Lorien



Tingilith's Adventures

Tingilith's Adventures

Tingilith's Gallery

Tingilith's Gallery