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Margyth Brook


Wannabe scholar



Outward Appearance

You find yourself looking at a girl: slim and not very tall, her garb slightly worn and patched in places but clean, a serious looking rucksack on her back; her figure and movements are those of a woman grown but the softness of her features and the shyness in her green eyes betray a tender age. If you look her straight in the eye, she'll drop her gaze immediately. A frown is a regular guest on her forehead and her eyes sometimes gaze forward unseeing. She treads lightly and often looks over her shoulder - you'd think she's poised to flee. A sigh will sometimes escape her mouth or even a quiet tune if she thinks no one is listening. If you look well enough, you'll see that her fingers are slightly stained with ink and there's a small, leather-bound notebook sticking out of her pocket but a long, thin blade of grass which somehow tangled itself into her hair betrays she isn't exactly a librarian.


Update: Recently seen in a leather shirt and trousers or in an old, rough robe if the day is cold. Mud, leaves and grass will be stuck to her clothing at times. Carries an expensive looking sword, completely unsuited to her humble looks.


Never speaks of anything from the past. One would have to pull her tongue to learn anything. 


The Sellsword, The Bowman, a few others.


Never speaks of them unless by accident.


She wishes there would never be any.


Apples - if you don't see her eating one, she has it stuffed in her backpack.


To learn.


Never mind, the sun shines even if it's cloudy.

Margyth's Adventures

A Camp by the Windmill (Kingsfell) 4 weeks 5 days ago
Prancing in the Pony 9 weeks 4 days ago
Notebook Thief 9 weeks 5 days ago
Scarecrow 9 weeks 6 days ago
Humble but hopeful beginnings 9 weeks 6 days ago
Margyth's Adventures

Margyth's Gallery

Margyth's Gallery