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Taliom, son of Thaliom


He mainly works as a hunter and caravan guard. He also offers his services as a tailor, an explorer/guide/scout, and basically every honorable job he's able to do.

AgeEarly 20's.
ResidenceTraveller/Wanderer, although he can be found in Bree very frequently.


Outward Appearance

Height: 5' 10'' (1.78m), may look close to 5' 11'' (1.80m) with footwear.

Weight: Between 155 lbs (70kg) and 165 lbs (75 kg). He may look slim, but he's pretty athletic.

Hair color: Dark brown to black.

Eye color: Dark brown.

Notable features: A pretty noticeable scar on his right cheek. A few little scars on his body, most on the torso.

Skin color: Pale.

Appearance: Young and quite good looking. There is still some blood of Numeror in Taliom's veins, but the generations in his family got really blood mixed, so he doesn't have features like being very tall, having raven black hair, nor the grey eyes, and he will not live as long as one of pure blood. But he still has a few of the old Dunedain features, like the sharp senses, although he had to train them for years, since he was not pure blooded, they weren't something natural for him, on the contrary with a pure Dunadan. Being the son of a Gondorian Ranger of the South and a Northwoman from Dale, it's probable that only a pure blooded Dunadan could recognize him as a long lost relative, but unless someone takes the time to look at him pretty close, they would probably only see a Northman from Rhovanion.


The story of Taliom's family begins long ago, with a Dúnadan who fled from Arnor after the Angmar War. Crippled, he could no longer fight, so he decided to hide and try at least to live a happy and peaceful life, to marry and have children. He went south, where he met a woman and had a family. Through the generations, the Dúnadan and his descendants traveled throughout Middle-earth, settling in different places, as there was some unstoppable force that made all the members of the family travel, travel and travel. It became some kind of rule, to never stay in one place for too long. The descendants of the Dúnadan traveled for all Eriador, until somebody decided to move to Rhovanion, and with more generations, the Dúnadan's descendants moved to different places like Rohan and Gondor.

And it was in Gondor where Thaliom, Taliom's father, was born. He was a respected man, who earned the right to become an Ithilien Ranger, despite being too young. During a very important mission, where some rangers were sent north to investigate a man called 'The Necromancer', Thaliom and his men had to travel to Erebor, and they found themselves in a great battle: The Battle of the Five Armies. The rangers aided the rest of the Free Peoples without being noticed, using stealth and their cunning to repel orc forces. But they were only a few. Most of them died, and Thaliom got hurt badly. After the battle ended, Thaliom was found by a woman from Esgaroth, (also known as Lake-Town). She helped him, and they quickly fell in love. He took her to Gondor, where they were very happy for some time, until one day she became ill and died. Thaliom felt completely defeated after that, never wanting to be in love again, but no one can fight against their heart. Many years later, he met Belengal, Taliom's mother. She was from Dale, and traveled to Gondor with her family for business. They fell in love and after a while they got married. When Belengal got pregnant, Thaliom withdrew from the rangers, because he was worried about his future child growing up without a father. Having no more family in Gondor, nor anywhere else, Thaliom decided it would be better to move to Dale, with Belengal's family. And it was in Dale, where Taliom was born. Son of a retired ranger, now turned hunter, and a tailor, Taliom had a very happy childhood. He used to play with the other kids to a game called Dragons and Bowmen, where one kid would play as the dragon Smaug, and the rest would play as the Bowmen. But one of them wouldn't play a simple bowman, but Bard the Bowman. Taliom grew up learning the story about the man who killed the dragon, the man that became King of Dale. Interested in archery, he asked his father to teach him, so one day he could kill dragons himself, and be a protector to the people. During the following years, Taliom's fantasies about killing dragons and fighting fantasy creatures disappeared, as he became more mature, and realized how dangerous the world is in reality. He realized his true hero have always been his father, who started to tell him about his adventures as a ranger when Taliom had the proper age.

Taliom always tried to help his family, as they all were in some way traders and merchants. Thaliom, being a hunter, used to take care of getting meat and hides. Belengal was a tailor, working with the hides to make clothes to the poor people and to trade it with other cities. Her parents were jewelers and cookers. Her brother was a metalsmith, and taught Taliom how to work with metal ores, but he could never taught him how to craft weapons or armors, as the young boy was always too busy helping with all kind of tasks. 

Because of Taliom's family being all traders, he grew up between men, dwarves, and some elves, as they were always moving to make deals with other people. He learned how to speak Elvish, and some Dwarvish. He also knows a little bit of Rohirric and some other languages, that he learned on his travels. 

Over the years, Taliom felt he could do so much more than just make clothes or hunt animals. He decided he will become a caravan guard, so he could travel and have adventures, while at the same time protecting people. One of his jobs brought him to Archet, where the caravan he was escorting got attacked by Blackwolds. One of them was going to kill a merchant, but Taliom managed to hit him with an arrow. As soon as he turned around, another Blackwold hit him in the face with a club, making the scar he now has on his cheek. Taliom was pretty dazed after the hit, but got to kill the Blackwold, and with the aid of the rest of caravan guards, they made the Blackwolds flee. 

In time, he gained the nickname ''Swift Arrow'', which he thinks is a nickname people of Eriador (mostly Bree-landers) give to hunters and archers. Some people who know he's from Dale call him 'Bard' and ''Bowman'', maybe as a sign of respect, or as a joke. He doesn't care. Some elves know him as Forodren Feredir, which means Northern Hunter (feel free to use it in-game if you are an Elf). 

Being aware of the great danger Eriador was in, he decided to stay around, to help in whatever he can. 


Gaeded, Wulfney.


Family back in Dale.


Food. Jokes. Funny people. Irony and black humor. Honor. Loyalty. To travel and discover new places. To read books and maps that can make him learn new paths.


Bullies. Criminals. People who think they are superior to the rest. Disrespect. Orcs, evil men and everyone who can be a threat to the Free Peoples.


Make the world a better place.


''Now is when I come in, saying something suitably heroic'' , ''You can run from me, but my arrows will always find their mark'' , ''I do not fear the weapon, I fear the one who wields it'' ,''Come on you little dragons, give the treasure.''

Taliom's Adventures

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Taliom's Adventures

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Taliom's Gallery