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Arenborn Kolten



AgeYoung Adult/Late Adolescence

Knights of Eriador

Outward Appearance

He's tall, 6'3, with the black hair and blue eyes of a Kolten. His hair is short, pushed away from his stern face. He has a scar across his right eye, and one on his throat that he keeps covered.

He is ove an average build, certainly built more for speed than strength, though he is well toned from years training to be a knight. He wears his armour most of the time, with his great sword slung over his back.

Tucked in his belt is often a small leather bound book, in which he keeps some phrases and a pencil to ease communications.


Aren had been raised into the Gondorian nobility. He spent his childhood as a page, and went on to become a squire. 

He was close to being knighted when he and his mentor were ambushed while traveling. A large group of corsairs jumped them as the rested, killing his mentor and leaving Aren for dead with a knife in his larynx. He was found by some farmers, who got him to the next town where he was healed, except for his voice. He returned home, no one seemed to believe him, thinking he had drunkenly fought the mentor or something. No knight or swords master would take him.

Aren has always had a talent with a pencil and paints, though his hand writing isn't neat. He is a talented artist, and will often spend time painting scenes or people.

His father sent him to Bree to his uncle Blince, in the hopes of a better life.


Inayat Oronir Neremnes Beongarn


Uncle: Blince. Cousin: Ardyth Morrinth


Sort of Rival: Alfmaer


Swordsmanship, a good cider, drawing


His lack of voice, false accusations


Uphold the values and standards of a good knight


"Aren stares at you with a stony expression."

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Arenborne's Gallery