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Silmacálë, "Mallenlhîr"


A bard by passion and a fighter by loyalty.

AgeAn elf of the early first age.
ResidenceThought Lorien is his home, he travels as 'duty' bids him.


Outward Appearance

A distant look to blue eyes, and an absent frown on refined lips reads off the expression of one normally lost in some deep musing. Golden hair hangs in subtle waves around his jaw, to dip to his upper back. His form is lithe, dressed in pale, unobtrusive colors with a gentle elegance to them, not draped in gaudy finery or dour robing. 

A harp  and satchel can often be found in his possession in places of peace, a sword and shield in those of war. 



He most often introduces himself as Silmacálë, the name given him by his parents. Though occasionally using a Sindarin derived name, Mallenlhîr.  Then there is the name he does not speak of, Rúsëanyérë,  or 'wrathful sorrow', given to him by his sister in the middle of his life; a name that haunts him for its truth.


He calls himself most often Noldor, but matches them only in stature and temperment, bearing golden hair and vibrant eyes that calls to a mixed bloodline. Despite the unusual and striking appearance, he doesn’t claim any fantastic bloodline; in fact speaking very little of his ancestry, and only slightly more of his immediate family. It is only known that much of his Noldorin ancestors were lost in the Fall of Gondolin, in the first age, thinning his direct bloodline’s remaining existence very early on in history; alongside a fact he is fast to make sure: Of his Noldorin line, he does not carry the blood of the kinslaying, but rather those who passed by the Helcaraxë.

Of his family he speaks of a sister, Lossënénu, and a fallen brother named Sindëlassë who perished within the battles against Melkor and who's fëa has returned to Aman , though he is loath to speak of this, as it fills him still with a wrath he fights to keep at bay. Of his immediate family, only him-self and Lossënénu remain in middle-earth; he grieves to have left her behind in Lorien, where she serves still as a healer alongside her husband, to fight with the companies not dedicated only to his home, but to the salvation and preserving of all within reach.

Despite his age, his naturally withdrawn and often hopeless nature has led to him not taking a lover; and he has said he has no plans to, unless it be to another of his same age and conviction to remain until their time is truly done in Middle-earth.

“My life has not been what it could be; has been much that it shouldn’t have been, and has lacked much that I would have desired to become.”


Though he can speak Sindarin, his primary language is Quenya, in both the elder forms and it’s more generalized later form; in fact, he is not fond of having to speak Sindarin, and considers it to be terrible to hear.


He seems to have a notable fondness for Elechir, and many he is pleasant with, though not close to.


A sister, and a brother in Aman.


None notable.


Music, company, information.


Very little, but if he does manage to hate something, it's worth being set to fear by.


"Love, light, knowledge, and the faithful end to my presence here."


"Our time is fading, but it is not yet done. Remember that when the longing takes you; remember what you have lost, remember what we can still save."

Silmacale's Adventures

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Silmacale's Adventures

Silmacale's Gallery

Silmacale's Gallery