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Imladris: A reminder of reasons

Sáralië imi I’ Már Edhelna

Mornië tulharë

These days in Imladris are often lacking in event, yet not all so. Did I not just speak of the Men in the valley that seem to come and let bitterness come behind? This time it had been two who’s names escaped me, a man and woman,  of uncertain descent; Rohirric perhaps… but this quickly becomes tangential, so I digress in favor of my original intent. It had been that I played, for lack of another to do so; and in my sight at this incline the doors I saw to open for their entrance. The ladies Danel and Norliriel spoke to them for some time, and it seemed well. Then they entered near the tables, around such much of Vanimar and the others present clustered around to speak; at such a lord I hear named Khalis took notice then and turned in ire to meet them. He claimed a threat had been made to one of the Vale, a lady that seems of high esteem to him, and they argued… the start and end I cannot say, and do not dare presume. But the female was sharp of tongue, and Khalis stubborn of mind, and both alone can be a curse to see, but both at once? Alas.

Let them handle their problems, but let it be outside of these halls, I say. But it is not my place to make such a decision, nor would I have it be, for I know my temperament. Such lines of wrath that showed on my face so quickly that the lady Danel took notice immediately and asked of the reason. What could I do? Say before a crowd that I would have all of them- Man and Eldar alike that caused such disruption be thrown out like barking dogs? I calmed myself, quickly as I may, and offered a more refined explanation to her.

All I said to her, my fears of the corruption of this place… it stays still. A trepidation uptakes me, and a bitterness. Though it is, I feel, the dusk of this age… the dusk of us, I would see it stay a refuge until this chapter’s close.