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Imladris: Oaths and Idle

 Mína alyaliër

I could not come into the commons of Imladris this past week, for much has been on my mind, and long were the hours devoted to writing to Lossënénu of the things I have seen here, and the people I have met. But clearing my head, and hands, of the quill and blade I dressed once more in robes, cast aside the armor I train in, to take gathering in the halls. Many that I knew by name were there, Manadhlaer, Earcalie, Elechir and a Nauco I hear called Vagnur. But among them were some odd guest, a Perian of jumpy, noisy temperament, and some that I could not name. I played, as I am wont to upon the rise and they danced, the ladies with grace and the Perian with a frenzy of excitement that merely disturbed my peace, but of course I’d say not so to a guest in Elrond’s house. Elechir had jested to me that if only a man had been present we would have all the free people's gathered, and so it later was; A fire-haired woman, unspeaking yet understood in sign by Manadhlaer came to the hall as if familiar.


The following day I heard of some great number of the Bar-en-Vanimar gathered in the northern part of the valley and came upon them. They were gathered about the rim of the forges, in bright attire with an eagerness, and I hung back in curious silence. Then a lord rode in, flanked by lord Tindir and a dark man I later was named Veryacano; the name of the mounted lord I did not ever hear directly, but I take that he is the overlord of the house.
Lord Khalis and his lady came and took their oaths to the house, a sight which did not move me, but merely made me curious.
They came after to the hall, and once more i kept from them to observe, until Lord Veryacano spotted me and strode forward to me, with Manadhlaer at his side to introduce us. He bade that I come forward and stand among the gathering, and the lady gave me a look that seemed say I do so, which thus I did but wordless still.

I have been uninspired, yet restless; the desire to take action in some form still in the back of my mind but with no path to do so. Perhaps soon I will ask audience with some lord or lady of this house and ask if there is anything to be done, before I become dull in my idle in this valley.