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Yet another sheet of parchment

(The writing here is rather rushed, one may notice sloppy writing.)

Why do I even bother?  Last night I hear of someone in a white robe who threatened Cesistya.  Of course I'd get mad if she was threatened at all, especially since I was once upon a time in love with her.  I suggest looking into the man and other things about him, while twirling my dagger, and Bryn assumed I was planning on murdering the bloke.  I don't know why, but that's when I got up and told everyone what I was certain of:  They still think I'm a petty moron.   After a glib from Conrob to me on my way out, I told him to feck off.  

I want to apologize to the three of them, but I have the gut feeling it's going to be harder than it looks, especially if something else occurs in the Pony.  Dryn this afternoon notices something's up with me, and I won't be surprised if Cesistya is too.  I might as well set something straight on this private sheet if nothing else.  

I notice this man in plate and chain armor.  He's also decorated in blue, green, and gold in the painted parts of his armor, and especially the cloak and tabard.    The face though, seems oddly familiar.  I saw it before when I last saw my dad leave me in front of the jailhouse in Combe.  The voice sounds like his as well, especially when I heard him growl at a brigand.  One last clue I have is what the folk called him:  Richard the Brave, and the Gilded Hero.  I remember one other Richard, and it was of course my dad. I heard of him saying something about hunting down someone.  When he said it, I could notice the venom flowing from him in that statement.... Amazing how the arse who threw me out is a hero to those people at the very least.