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Linnad am-Meleth



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Members of Bar-en-Vanimar.

Chronicle Summary

This chonicle documents the concert Lindamar, the ensemble of Bar-en-Vanimar, presented with elven themed songs of love as spring approaches.

The concert took place March 11th, 2017, the Spire of Meeting, Rivendell valley.

Chronicle Content

“Law-iston bí amarth dâf aen erthad ammen”
“I know not if fate would have us live as one”

“Egor phí nam manadh me gwennin”
“Or if by love's blind chance we've been bound”

As spring approaches, bringing renewed promises of hope, and life is reborn, all elves and elven friends were welcome to celebrate Linnad am-Meleth with Lindamar of Bar-en-Vanimar, themed through elven music and lyrics.

A musical and poetical celebration of the wondrous beauty of Arda and Yavanna’s creations, our heroes of past and present, our struggles and victories, our near and dear, our missed and departed, and love of life.

The chronicle captures the event through the stories and paintings made public by those of Bar-en-Vanimar who participated in or attended the event.

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