Ancalimarë Ruinëmá Yúyalmirë Certatiris

Name Ancalimare
A lonesome seems so at least...
Older than Anar and Isil
Despite being a wanderer, from time to time she tends to dwell in Falathlorn, Imladris or Lothlórien
Nossë Yúyalmirëva
Outward Appearance

Standing tall at 6'7 (~200cm), at first glance this thin figure seems not very noticeable. Dressed in heavy, plain clothes whenever she travels the lands.


But if You take the time to look a little bit closer, you may discover the ethereal beauty of the ageless features of her face hidden under the hood of her cloak. The untainted, pale skin, the enigmatic expression of her ancient eyes, deep as seas, green as the leaves of a beech in spring, when the sun shines through them. And when You look even closer, you may get the impression that those eyes once caught an everlasting light, now glowing within themselves. Maybe you even can catch a glance at her bright hair, which from time to time seems to be more silvern than golden.


Despite being plain, her clothes seem to be of good quality and most of the time are unpolluted by dirt and she seems to highly value cleanliness in general.
A soft cloud of pin needle scent seems to follow her, wherever she goes. Her movements are elegant, graceful and agile, while her voice sounds warm, calm and quite deep.
Whenever she uses a language other than Quenya, she does it with a strong accent.
If she takes off her gloves, it's possible to see some faded burnscars on her hands.
She seems to carry no weapons with her, but always has a small leatherbag attached to her belt with a silvern symbol on it.
Around people she doesn't know, she often feels uneasy and tends more to observe than to speak.
Outside of elven places she tends to cover her face.


Sometimes she wears clothes in the colour of twilight purple...a colour, which seems to be of high importance to her...


She was born long ago in the city of Tirion as the youngest of four children. Her family, part of the high nobility, was known as the House of the Twilight-Jewel.

While her father was one of the Ñoldor, her mother had both Telerin and Vanyarin blood running through her veins.


Ancalimare's Adventures

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Ancalimare's Adventures

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Ancalimare's Gallery