Anorieldis, Alchemist of Minas Tirith

Name Anorieldis
Alchemist, painter and scholar
Early thirties
The Prancing Pony, currently
Outward Appearance

Anorieldis looks younger than her thirty years, standing tall, her bearing and height indicative of Gondorian heritage. Not known for her beauty, she is plain but for her penetrative green eyes, which speak volumes of intelligence and insatiable curiosity. Her figure is tending toward plump, but it has nothing to do with physical inactivity.  Her sable locks are kept up in a messy bun, and her attire is servicable, made of fine fabrics but well-used, as though she does not care too much about what she wears. She is often seen holding a book in her hand or elsewhere on her person.

La Pittura by Artemisia Gentileschi, hosted by Wiki Commons


Born and raised in Minas Tirith to a family of librarians and herbalists, Anorieldis took her love of knowledge to a different level than most would deem seemly. In the White City, she was a practitioner of alchemy, looking in particular for the panacea. However, her interests in longevity for Men ended up taking her strange places.

It was rumored that the Woman dissected dead animals, and even worse--that she may have done the same on the corpses of the dead in the City. Anorieldis laughed this off, but was soon regarded as infamous in the City, and her apothecary practice eventually closed shop. Without means of living, the Woman fled to the North and found herself in Bree-town. 

She resides in the inn of the Prancing Pony until such time as she can restore a practice of her own.

None yet
In Gondor
None so far
Alchemy, reading, painting, natural philosophy
Superficiality, false friends, dim-witted people, ignorance
For some reason Anorieldis was removed from Minas Tirith in Gondor and appears to be starting a new life in Bree-town
"I aim to please myself."

Anorieldis's Adventures

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Anorieldis's Adventures

Anorieldis's Gallery

Anorieldis's Gallery