Katrikki Maanpako

Name Katrikki
Near Kuru-Leiri
Outward Appearance



Katrikki is a woman of short stature, standing at barely 5' 3". Her lack of height, as well as her thin build being due to years of malnourishment and fending for herself. Though she may seem small and frail, she carries quite a bit of muscle, as she has been hunting and surviving on her own for many years. 

Her palms  are rough and weathered from many years of using a bow.  Katrikki has darker, golden skin. Her skin seems clear and smooth, but for one large visible scar on her neck from a run in with a wolf. 

Her hair is silver and thick, hanging  just below her shoulders. It is normally kept clean and tame, but she does not care to make it look fancy in any sort of way. And her eyes are  clear and blue, just like the waters of the bay.

Her garments consists mostly of warm furs taken from beasts that she has felled herself. She is never seen without her bow or dagger. 


Other things to note:

Languages: She speaks only the language of her people and a few words and phrases in Westron.

Skills: She is good at hunting and providing for herself. She also is skilled in making in many items, such as clothing, or cooking utensils.

Traits: Katrikki is a loner, and is extremely distrustful of any strangers, even if they are her own people. She is off  putting and seemingly cold when she first meets another. But if one is lucky enough to count themselves among her friends, she is charitable and willing to provide whatever they might be in need of.





Katrikki was born to a hunter and his wife in Forochel. They lived on the outskirts of Suri-Kyla. She had a relatively normal childhood, most of which was spent helping her mother take care of the home, cleaning and cooking. Though she would willingly help her mother, she was much more interested in running around outside, playing and getting dirty.

When she turned sixteen, her parents aranged a marriage with a hunter of great repute, to better their daughters chances of living a comfortable life. Katrikki despised this idea and the man they wanted her to marry. So in the middle of the night, she took what resources and food that she could, and ran as far away as possible.

She eventually found a good spot to rest and built her own rugged home next to the mountains, far from any other villages. Since then she has learned to survive on her own, hunting her own food and making her own clothes.

Katrikki still lives on her own, trying to avoid others, especially men. She hopes one day to move even further away, but she has found comfort in her own small space in the world.

None yet, as she is a loner.
Her parents who live in Suri-Kyla.
The home she has made for herself, the sky at night, coming home to a warm fire.
The idea of marriage, her parents. Anyone who threatens her home and peaceful life.
Her only motivation is to survive.
I am my mothers savage daughter.

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