Azzy, Azalea.

Name Azaleahaymarket
Cook and Housekeeper.
Old, but not frail.
5 Chalk Road, Whitwich, The Shire.
Outward Appearance

Tallish (for a hobbit, still well under four feet), and only slightly portly. A neat old woman with her hair in a bun, Azzy strides about the Shire with an umbrella and a look of determination on her face; and any naughty young hobbits will soon find that her umbrella is particularly solid, and she swings it with considerable skill. But her face crinkles quickly to a smile when she meets proper people, who know how to behave.


Born and raised at the foot of the White Downs, near Little Delving.  Azzy was the youngest daughter who stayed with her parents as they grew old. When her brother, Hereward,  inherited and brought home his young wife, Briony, she stayed on to cook and clean for them because (according to Azzy) Briony was 'a bit useless'.

After ten years she was driven out by Briony, of whom her opinion had not changed. During that time she formed an attachment to her niece, Bell.  Twenty years later Hereward died and Briony walked away, going off 'to have adventures': this left young Bell, at 29, to run a business and care for her four siblings. Azzy returned to run the house, so that Bell could run the garden and business.

Another twenty years have passed: Bell is now 50 and Azzy is the wrong side of 90. Bell's sisters have grown up, and she has left them the business. Bell and Azzy have moved to Whitwich, where they keep a small house together: Bell keeps the garden and Azzy runs the kitchen.

Bell frequently goes off 'to have adventures', just like her mother (but at least she did her family duty first). Azzy does not understand why anyone would leave the Shire, but accepts that it is what Bell is, and loves her niece anyway. But that does not stop her from saying a few choice words about it once in a while.

Azzy is devoting her twilight years to supporting her niece, and helping out at the Cooks Guild; as well as supplying a few trayfuls to every bake sale between Needlehole and Stock. She also makes regular contributions of recipes to such publications as Muncher's Monthly, The Marishman's Recipe Guide, and The Tuckborough Culinary Companion.

When she is not at home, Azzy is most often encountered at the public ovens by the Cooks Guild in Michel Delving, where she will be baking up a storm. Feel free to say hello: just behave yourself, and don't admit to 'going on adventures' or she might have something pithy to say.

Any well mannered hobbit who compliments her cooking.
Naughty hobbits. Adventures.
Cooking, singing, watching the young folks enjoy themselves.
Picky eaters. Anything outside the Shire.
To make the Shire a better place by perfecting all its recipes.
Don't be a goblin! Or you'll have to eat rats.

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