Rhawileth Erebhel of Lorien

Name Rhawileth
old, about a millenium
Flame of Elendil
Outward Appearance



Rhawileth stands tall but is often thought to be on the shorter end compared to her kin. She has long hair of ebony color, often worn loosely about her shoulders. Her eyes glisten in a lush green, resembling the woods she travels every so often. A stern look she has in her eyes when facing strangers, but it softens when facing creatures dwelling in the forest, calling them her friends of the wild. Her skin is pale yet smooth, resulting from a life shrouded beneath the trees. Her figure is light and slender and she leaves no footprints and no trace when traveling.


Rhawileth seldom wears any trinkets or jewelry. On rare occasions she is adorned with flowers on her head. While traveling, she is often cloaked to avoid contact with strangers. Her gowns are garnished with patterns resembling the The Golden Wood in golden and greenish colors.



First and foremost, Rhawileth speaks Sindarin, with a Silvan accent. As she is a quick learner, she knows the Common Tongue as well, although she doesn’t speak it often and it sounds a bit rusty. Her voice is mild with a slight dark undertone and often whispering.




Mother Name

given by her mother, who saw a glimpse of her daughter's future

Rhawileth, wild butterfly from Sindarin rhaw = wild, untamed and gwilwileth = butterfly

Chosen Name

given by her Galadhrim brethren, for she was seldom seen among her kin

Erebhel, lone Elf from Sindarin ereb = lone, single and edhel = Elf


Rhawileth was born in the Third Age as the only daughter of Delioril and Leinor, a Galadhrim couple, in Laurelindórinan, later known as Lothlórien. She spent much time of her life in the secluded Golden Woods, on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains. Her parents were both Silvan Elves who still remember a time when Lothlórien was known as Lórinand and had a king as ruler. Not Rhawileth though. She was born at a time where Celeborn and Galadriel were the Lord and Lady of the Galadhrim and ruled her homeland.

She grew up sheltered from the evils of this world and thus developed a peaceful attitude. During her youth she befriended a Sinda, Idhreniel, a learned Elf whom she spent a lot of time with. And although their personalities weren’t alike, over time they both learned much from each other. Idhreniel was one of the few of her kin whom she held dear.

Rhawileth always favoured spending her time with the creatures of the forest and called many species among them her friends. In fact, she had more friends among animals than she had among her own kin. It is said that Rhawileth is difficult to approach and not the most friendliest of Elves. She always has been seclusive in nature and that did not change over the centuries.

A recent event pulled her away from her beloved home. Idhreniel suddenly disappeared. No one knew where she went or what could have transpired that warrants her disappearance. As one of her most trusted friends and due to her ability to speak Westron (which was not very common among her kin), Rhawileth was charged with finding her and to get to the bottom of this mystery. And so she begins her journey


Idhreniel, creatures of the forest
Father (Leinor) and Mother (Delioril) of the Galadhrim
Dwarves, Orcs
to be among her friends of the wild; sleeping beneath the starry sky; studying the flora and fauna of The Golden Wood
to be in a crowd; stony, narrow halls; leaving her home, the dreaded places outside of Lothlorien; war and the ones who cause it
searching for a dear friend

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Rhawileth's Adventures

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