Eorthryt, Son of Eorthret

Name Eorthryth
Rider of Rohan
Young, going into the middle of his life
Has a home on Bree Land, but is often on travels
Outward Appearance

Eorthryth would look like your average eorlingas. He is tall and fair haired, and has blue eyes. 



Eorthryt parents owned a farm on the Westfold in Rohan. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters, all younger than him. 

He learned to ride as soon as he can, since he always dreamed about becoming a Rider of Rohan, patrolling the land and serving his lord.  

On his 15 winter, he spoted a lonley dunleding fleeing from a group of Riders, and saw a chance to prove himself. Took the pitchfork and his father mare, and started to chase him. He quickly found it, and stabbed it with the pitchfork, using it as a spear. To his surprise, the dunleding did not fall dead as he would expected, but instead growled in anger, as the foul man attempted to strike him. 

Luckily for him, the Riders where close enough, and the dunleding was killed by an arrow shoted by one of them (he would always hide this part of the story). 

A couple years after the dunleding incident, he joined the riders as a squire, and quickly ascended the ranks, having a small patrol at his orders. 

One day, while they where patrolling near the Isen river, they spotted an orcish warband. He decided to attacked them, and in fact he made them retreat, only to be lured into a trap, wich ended with his comrades dead, and he made a prisioner. 

After a while, he was rescued by the Rangers near the North Downs. They helped him and took care of his wounds, in exchange, Eorth would help them with a brigand issue on Bree. 


Eorthryth can be defined as a good and loyal friend, and a loudly drinker. He is a simple man, but despite this he is always willing to learn from diferent people. He is a good strategist, and a brave warrior, though at times his bravery comes at a high price. 

Addiela, Nethrida
A good ale, a nice horse, a brave shield brother/sister, and the love of a fair maiden.
Cowards, liers and orcs.
Get back to his home, helping those in need.
"I may not be a scholar, but I do know wich end of my blade goes into my enemies, and that's more than enough."

Eorthryth's Adventures

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Eorthryth's Adventures

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Eorthryth's Gallery