Taurîdhion Faedras

Name Faedras
Librarian, Healer and Researcher
2nd Cycle of Life
Duillond, Falathlorn, Ered Luin
Outward Appearance

An elf of Teleri origin, with dark silver hair. His long, four-braided strands of hair, made by his great-granddaughter, come together in a ponytail. The eyes alive in a light gray color. The raised eyebrows seem to question the interlocutor. A sharp face with protruding chin and long nose. His face always seems to be serious and angry. But as he smiles, his face opens and shows how kind he is. A tall elf, six feet and three inches, almost as tall as Galadriel. His characteristics are typical of a common Nandor.


Faedras (“The Free Soul” in Sindarin) is a Silvan elf (Teleri) born in Amonc Lanc, south of Greenwald the Great, in SA 1402 year. He received from his father, at the ceremony of Essecarme, the name Taurîdhion (“son of Taurîdh”). The name Faedras came from his mother, who saw in him his appreciation for freedom since the childhood – also to hide in unlikely places. He spent a lot of time in the woods, as quite curious about the nature and history of his people. Friend of animals, trees, land and rivers, He learned with an elder to feel, absorb and move the ecosystem and elements around him. Still young also showed interest in writings and books, that’s why he was called latter Parfmaed (“skilled with books”). A name who he is called for some of his scholar friends until today. After his marriage, he adopted his mother-name and was called Faedras in his adult life.


With the War of The Elves and Sauron, in SA 1693, the young Faedras follow his father, Taurîdir, in the rescue group, as a healer to the refugees in the woodlands that would afterwards be called Lothlórien. There he knew a Lore-Master and initiate his formal academic studies, becoming a scholar. He had his daughter a yén latter and settled there until the end of his service in the War of The Last Alliance. In the Third Age, they dwell to Ered Luin (first in Mithlond, then Edhelion and later to Duillond) when he could work as a librarian and researcher. There they had another son, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren in that time. Despite being a scholar, he often had to use his practical knowledge of nature to confront the enemies and protect his people. There is a real evil in the world. Its influence can be felt in the elements of nature. An evil that spreads destroying life. His duty is to help protect Middle-Earth before departing.


Faedras could be recognized by:


1) Elves of Greenwood the Great (Mirkwood) who lived there before the Third Age, with a lower chance for those born after - unless they have family ties or common interests in the area of nature research.


2) Elves of Lothlórien who were refugees there from Erigion, or other region, during the War of The Elves and Sauron until the end of the Second Age.


3) Elves who have served as a healer, or needed one, in War of The Last Alliance.


4) Elves of Ered Luin throughout the Third Age. Especially those of the academic field. Those who lived in Mithlond in the first millennium, Edhelion in the second and Duillond in the third. Even if you do not know him directly, you can recognize his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


5) Humans and dwarves who have had academic and natural research contacts in Ered Luin in recent years.


6) Faedras has done nothing remarkable, on a grand scale, to have his name recognized beyond the places in which he lived.

Just as he likes to be outdoors in the presence of family, friends and animals singing, playing and dancing; he also loves being in a library, with books, or in ancient sites.
He hates orcs and evil creatures. Living things that cannot coexist in balance with nature in general.
He is motivated by knowledge of life forms, elements and balance. He wants to leverage his remaining time in Middle-Earth to make a positive mark on the biota.
Ceven dhaer, anno vellas lín enin 'raw hen (“great earth, may you give your strength to this body”)

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