Calandil of Gondolin

Name Calandil
Outward Appearance

Calandil stands tall and graceful. His visage is ageless and serene and behind his steely gaze there is light and wisdom. His hair is like the sea at night, dark strands glint like the waves under starlight as they move. He speaks with a voice that is calm and gentle yet powerful. 

Upon his chest pinned a worn silver brooch that resembles a heraldic symbol and at his side he carries a glittering white sword, its hilt is engraved with gold inlays.


Calandil is known among his kind for his exceptional musical talent and storytelling. He has travelled far and wide and his songs echoed in the halls of many elvendoms in Middle-earth. Although he rarely speaks of his past idly, save what he shares through songs and ballads, those who recognize him knows at least he is counted among the Calaquendi, one of the few and mightiest of the Eldar that once dwelled in Aman and that he was a member of the House of the Fountain in Gondolin and fought bravely in the city's defence. Throughout the ages he had been a bard, a healer, a soldier and a standard-bearer in the battles of old and served many Lords of the Eldar, who have long since passed into legend.    

After the destruction of Beleriand, he lived in Forlindon for a time and started keeping a record of the past events and even collecting relics and artifacts of old. Ultimately, sometime towards the closing of the Second Age he moved to settle in Imladris with what remained of his kin. There he often performed in the Halls of Elrond Peredhel, recounting the glory of the Elder Days and sang ballads of the deeds of his people. 


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He considers most of his kin as friends.
None that still lingers on the shores of Middle-earth.
Any who serve or aid the Dark Lord.
Recounting the glory days of old through his songs, uncovering the artifacts of the past ages and spending time in the library of the Last Homely House.
Holds grudge against none, except the servants of the Enemy and those who seeks to do harm or abuse the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.
Composing a mighty ballad that will narrate the events of the past ages before sailing to the Undying Lands.

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Calandil's Adventures

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Calandil's Gallery