Odkeg Fourbeards

Name Odkeg
Outward Appearance

Race/Ethnicity: Thorin's Hall

Skin Tone: pale but with some tan

Height: 4.1 feet

Build: Enduring and hardy

Eyes: brownish

Hair: brown with a hint of black

Appearance: Odkeg is a mature dwarf, 66 years old, enduring build, He gets his nickname from his "fourbeards" which is just one beard woven into four of course his beard is brown with just a hint of black but don't tell him!

Education: Odkeg knows how to read and write as all people should.

Knowledge of languages: Khuzdul and Common.

Weapons: Pickax and a one-handed ax.

Occupation: blacksmith

Flaws: He got attacked by a Cave-claw which left his right eye impaired due to a scar.


Odkeg was born in Thorin's halls, by a guardsman, which raised him based on honor, pride, and to be independent. Evkeg, Odkeg's father, was one of the many guardsman patrolling Silver-deep mine before it fell, Odkeg mined there as well in the ever-watchful sight of his father. Mining in the Silver-deep mine meant hard work, but good coin, most if not all days of Odkeg's younger years were working in the mines along side his friends. Of course, mining in there meant that he would get more coin for his father, thus letting himself get a better education from his father, being somewhat taught by him.

Evkeg was quite busy, most of the days, and wasn't able to usually give Odkeg good teachings, so Odkeg went to library and gathered scrolls, books based on forge-work , identifying ores, he would study them everyday once he's off from mining, making sure he understands it completely. Most of his evenings would be doing this studying and almost nothing else, his father was concerned about this and forced Odkeg to go out to the Silver-deep guard barracks to join, he was a guard for some time but dropped out to continue studying forge-work. Two months after dropping out of the guard, he decided he was ready to find a master to train under. After several days of searching for one, he finally found one, Vrain, that was his name, he taught Odkeg all he knows for seven years, along those years mistakes were made yet corrected. After those years of training, Odkeg has left his old master behind and started his business.

None so far
Evkeg, father, still alive, Brelgur , cousin, alive,
Blacksmiths, golbins,
Ale, the clank of a pickaxe hitting a ore vein,
Golbins, Other jewelers, cider, and most importantly thieves or Elves
To become wealthy.
"Pointy Eared freaks"

Odkeg's Adventures

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Odkeg's Adventures

Odkeg's Gallery

Odkeg's Gallery