Raynark Sherwood

Name Raynark
Outward Appearance

Physical: Slicked back dark brown hair and a thin beard is probably the first thing you'd notice about Raynark. His green eyes also reign prominent along with a pointy noise. Surrounding that, there would be a few scratches and small scars due to hunting and time in the woods as a youngen with his brothers and father. 


Due to these often outgoings, Ray would have calloused, rough, hands and a semi-toned body but nothing farfetched as meals had to be stretched out to feed the whole family; depriving him of better physical strength.




Outfit 1: Raynark's first outfit dons a sandy colour. First, a shoulder-piece sitting comfortably upon a hardened hunting jacket, then lower you would find a similarly coloured pair of leggins. Upon his lower forearms are wrist guards, and then finally he wears a reliable pair of boots.



Outfit 2: Raynark's second outfit dons a darker, walnut brown colour. Once again he wears a shoulder-piece that covers the top half of a comfortable, less constricting jacket that is tied to a similar looking pair of trousers with a belt. He wears the same wrist guards as before, but this time a sturdier pair of boots.



Outfit 3: Raynark's third and final outfit is much different to the others. He wears a tough, padded sleeveless tunic with gloves. On the bottom, he wears a simple pair of trousers with boots. He likes to wear this fit when gathering resources as there's less restrictions. 



Born and bred in a hamlet beyond the South-Guard ruins of Bree-Land, Raynark had a childhood that most would deem quite normal. He grew up with his two older brothers, Dailen and Lancelyn, and his father; his mother having passed from childbirth after he was born.

Being an avid outdoorsman and hunter for the village, his father would often take the three boys out on his expeditions, teaching them the ways of being a survivalist. He would show them things like how to fish, hunt low-threat animals and gather basic resources. This would be a weekly occurrence throughout his childhood, starting at around fourteen, although his brothers started a few years earlier than him much to his annoyance.

Raynark was a decently social child, making friends with all the other people his age in the hamlet and forming a good bond with them. Everything was normal, but in the latter part of their stay at the hamlet his father would always warn them to be ready if something were to happen. Ray wouldn't think much of it, but he started to question things once the older people in the village started having secluded discussions. 

Then on the night of Ray's nineteenth birthday, his eldest brother, Lancelyn, rushed into his room and woke him up suddenly. He was holding a large backpack full of things, a bow and quiver, and his own hunting knife. Raynark barely had enough time to know what was going on before these things were placed in front of him and he was shouted at to hurry up and take them. He was then quickly escorted outside where he saw what had happened to his village, and what was to come. The fire, the screaming. He saw arrows flying as well as Dailen and his father fighting. His first instinct was to go and help them but he was held back by his eldest brother, telling him it was too late to do anything and that he needed to leave immediately otherwise he wouldn't survive. 

Without much of a choice he was forced out the back of the hamlet and told to find the others who were escorted out. With that, his brother went back into the hamlet and left Ray to find his own way. He would eventually come to the group who had been escorted out, finding out that they had all been part of a plan which was to make sure that they survived when the attack came, as they were the youngest. 

Bewildered, frightened and naive they all set off in their group, the first plan of action being to find somewhere to sleep for the night...

Two brothers and a father, though not sure if they're alive or not
The attackers who raided his camp
Being outdoors, hunting, fishing
Brigands, Unnecessary violence
Hopefully finding his brothers and father one day

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Raynark's Adventures

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