The Garrison of Echad Mirobel

Founding date
SA 1710
To defend the ruins of Eregion from Sauron and his servants, to protect the Free People's of Middle Earth from harm, to hold true to the legacy of Celebrimbor's work.
Main area of operations
Eregion, Swanfleet & Cardolan, Trollshaws
Kinship type
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


After the sack of Eregion and the establishment of Imladris as a last refuge for the Ñoldor east of the Sundering seas, Celebrimbor's eldest daughter, known to most as Húroselyë, announced her intentions to leave the valley and return to the ruins. Many of the elves, having suffered great defeat time and time again at the hands of Morgoth and Sauron, were too weary to follow, but there were those who did. 

Some, like Húroselyë, were unwilling to rest while there was still a possibility of Sauron returning. Some joined for vengeance, some joined out of loyalty to Celebrimbor, some wanted to preserve the magnificent city of Eregion, and for some, Eregion was simply their home. 

Together, they formed the Garrison of Echad Mirobel. The elves returned to the city to bury the scattered bones of their fallen, clean up orcish refuse and the debris of war, and recover the few artifacts that had not been taken by looters. Eventually, the centre of Echad Mirobel was secured and great efforts were undertaken to shore up the damaged structures. 

The Garrison withstood the many foul winters and the great plague that spread across Eriador, though conditions in Mirobel were less than ideal. 

Upon the reappearance of the One Ring, the Garrison saw a sudden increase in nefarious activity, including small companies of orcs and the Nine Dark Riders. Intelligence reports were regularly gathered and delivered to Imladris for Elrond and Glorfindel. As the Fellowship passed through Moria, Húroselyë and most of the Garrison made haste to Rohan to assist in the evacuation of the settlements and crofts. They fought beside the Sindar army of Lothlorien at Helms Deep and the Grey Company during the Battle of Pelennor Fields. 

They wear the colours of Celebrimbor, silver and steel blue, and they carry the steel blue banner of Celebrimbor, which includes the star of the House of Fëanor. However, there are some who still chose to wear the crimson of Fëanor.

This kinship is a 100% Elf kinship, so we will only be accepting Elf or High Elf characters. If you are a mature and friendly person, familiar with lore from the Silmarillion, and excited about writing stories together, then join up! 


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