Floating Log Friday (weekly hobbit event)

Come see how the Frogmortians put hops in their ales!

August 27th, 2021
7:30PM UK time / 2:30PM servertime
Floating Log Inn, Frogmorton

Event details:

Ol’ Flourdumpling is busy stuffing his face over in Bywater during the Farmer’s Faire, and there are lots of visitors there stepping on the local hobbits. So naturally, the weekly hobbit inn night will move from the Green Dragon! To The Floating Log!

Have no fear, master Ponto Hopsbloom is more than happy to welcome hobbits to the Floating Log in Frogmorton. He’ll greet yer all warmly, although hopefully not with warm ale, and better not with the most “hoppy” of the local ales…

OOC details:

Usual Green Dragon Guidelines apply, which means this is an event by and for hobbits. The odd visiting dwarf is always welcome, though!

We're also In-character, so please avoid speaking of real-life things, game mechanics, etc. Just act like a hobbit in Middle-Earth would, and yer will be good!


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