Banishment from the Houses of Lore

Ancalimiriel put down her telescope. She blinked a few times, it would take a few moments for her vision to adjust back to the world, after hours of observing the Heavens through the looking glass. She took notes of her observations onto a book that was lying open on the desk. Then she sighed. There was something unsettling about the movements of the heavenly bodies of late. The stars were moving towards a most unusual conjunction. Earendil was at the very center of it. 

She walked to the window facing East. For years now, a peculiar darkness was lingering and gathering, slowly growing. The sages at the Houses of Lore were silent about it.

Ancalimiriel walked back to the desk and read the notes again. 

Days and months passed by while the darkness grew and the riddle of the stars remained unsolved.   At last, at a silent hour in the night, Ancalimiriel understood it. It was a possibility she had glided through at first as well, for it was very thin and just a glimpse from the old wive's tales. Yet the more she researched and studied, this almost ridiculous possibility took stronger root in her mind.  Sleepless nights followed each other as the sage kept thinking, questioning and studying. The more she dwelled on this argument, the more it looked real. Her search for any information or suggestion opposing it was fruitless. All the signs were directing her towards this solution to the riddle of the stars: Return of the King. 

Suggesting the coming of the King would at best not be taken seriously in Minas Tirith. None would listen  or take heed. Her academic standing would be seriously diminished. The risk could even be higher if her academic suggestion comes to be taken as a political suggestion which she would never intend. As Ancalimiriel was weighing such possibilities, the stars were moving closer to each other and the darkness deepening. 

As a sage, a seer and a member of the Houses of Lore, it was her duty to warn her people of any danger. Nowadays all her colleges were focused on evaluating the power of Mordor and filling the rulers' mind with ill omens. She did not believe in them. She would not despair. Yet, she could see the same darkness, the darkness that had been gathering in the East, about Denethor, too. To her it looked as if he was being drawn into it. Yet she could not guess anymore. 

Life was getting harder in the lower levels of the city. Fear was in the streets and the people were losing hope. She could see that everyone in the White City was in fear. The dread in the city was unbearable. It was even more unbearable for her for she was carrying a secret which could dispel the fear. At last she chose to be dutibound. She re-arranged her notes and wrote a short but precise article about her studies and her find. Presenting this to the head of the Houses of Lore and talking about it openly costed her title and position at the Houses. Yet, this did not break her for the truth was still there. Her heart was now light for she had done the right deed towards her people. Whether the Houses accepted or not, the King was coming.