Grand New Year's Snowball Fight

A new year awaits! Full of promise, opportunity and pies! No better way ter celebrate than ter pelt yer best hobbit friends with snowballs!

January 1st, 2021
7:30PM UK time / 2:30PM servertime
Snowball Fields, Frostbluff

Event details:

Snow, snow, snow, right now! No better time, then, than ter go play in the snow!

So let us gather our hobbit forces, enter them snowy fields, throw snowballs at each other and be merry! I am sure there will be lots of firework too! And perhaps some mulled wine by the fire while we wait fer the next round? And, of course, we'll visit the theatre afterwards to see what show is on there!

If the weather is grand and many hobbits show up, we will try fer a nice group drawing as well! Welcome hobbits!

OOC details:

This is a hobbit event, but of course come by and take part if yer have the snowball quests. Send a /tell to me if yer stuck in the wrong layer.


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