Entry 3

I want to be happy. Just once. Please. Wolf came back, or so I thought. He was alive. This entire time. I found out why he didn't tell me. He married a woman and she is with child. He came here scouting for a place to settle, not looking for me. Bastard even slept with me and told me he loved me. I became enamored with a Haradrim lad, but alas, he cared not for me and instead more for this wretched woman with a sickeningly sweet demeanour, unaware of the hurt she is causing my poor old heart.

I am giving up. I love freely and deeply literally everyone i share my bed and body with, but I choose the most fickle, uncaring men who wrench my heart with them when they leave. With each man I get hopeful that maybe, just maybe I will be loved back in the same way I love them

Alas, it was never meant to be. I am doomed to my promiscuity till I am old and ugly and shall die a lonely, bitter bachelor.