Hearth and Hall

Come one, come all!
Drink and sing in the Windswept's hall!

If you wish to see the newest, and soon to be the greatest tavern this side of the Misty Mountains. then come to the "Hammer and Harp" inn!



November 8th, 2020
15:00PM Servertime
8 Long Street, Highburg, Bree-land Homesteads

Event details:

A feint, yellow glow could be seen from the inside of the tavern, casting long shadows into the yard. Outside, a finely-crafted metal sign hangs above the door, and upon it, a sigil of a hammer crossed with a harp.

Song and laughter roar from the tavern. Clanking of mugs and many cheers slip away into the night. The sun has set long ago, and it's time to rejoice after a hard day's work.


Welcome to the halls of the Windswept.

Welcome to the "Hammer and Harp".

OOC details:

OOC: Hi! Welcome to the "Hammer and Harp" Inn! Do you wish to share stories of your adventures, or a young soul with a newly found yearning for adventure, seeking stalwart companions? Then come to the tavern, and taste the hospitality of The Windswept! This event is focused on offering a new RP hub for people to meet, share stories, and find like-minded RPers for future plots and hooks. If you're a new character, wishing to join a friendly kin, or a veteran with many battles and adventures beneath his belt, you'll find your place amidst good folk, and even better RP. All are welcome!

So come on down to 8 Long Street. Highburg, Bree-land Homesteads!

No weapons!

No pets!


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