The Great Dwarrow Market


13th of August 2020
3pm ST
Frerin's Court, Thorin's Gate

By the decree of the dwarrows of the Blue Mountains: Trading caravans are once more upon the move. As the trade flows once more into the Thorin's Halls, dwarves from all corners of the mountain range are gathering to offer their goods for sale.
Join us at the Great Dwarrow Market at Frerin's Court and use this chance to acquire everything you need at fair prices. From hides and wood, to gems and scholar items, all the way to farm produce and food - the market has it. 

-Need to level up your crafting? The dwarves have the materials.
-In need of new armor and weapons? Have them crafted by fine smiths and woodworkers.
-Bought a new house? Stock up on rare housing decorations! 

All that you need - at a fair price. Bargaining encouraged! 

Hosted by courtesy of the DURIN'S FOLK and the BLUE MOUNTAINS REGIMENT.

Thorin's Hall