The Badgers "By the Pool" rehearsal

Fine for fishing. Even more so for music! The Brandy Badgers are Bywater bound!

May 25th, 2020
7:30PM UK time / 2:30PM servertime
Bywater Pool, The Shire

Event details:

The Brandy Badgers never really play concerts, but them’s pretty well good at having public rehearsals. And they’re just burning in with songs they didn’t manage to put into the Captain Fantastic project earlier this spring. So expect a lot of songs yer didn’t hear the Badgers play before. And the odd surprise! And certainly a few old Badgers favourites!

Come to dance, have fun and let’s twist it by the Pool!

OOC details:

This will be a public rehearsal with all the Elton John songs we didn’t find room for in the Captain Fantastic musical earlier this month. We’ll likely play a few other songs as well.

As usual, we love it if lots of hobbits come to listen and chat with us. Taller folks are very welcome too, but make sure yer don’t block the view of the hobbits!


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