Half Crowns

Founding date
Two or three months ago.
As our title say, we are the other half of the realms, serving our people against the dark forces.
Main area of operations
Bree and Eriador.
Kinship type
King's Alliance
The forces of Sauron and White Hand.
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)
Jehal Ancrath, Arventui, Breylena.


Half Crowns was formed by the hunter Jehal Ancrath. 

The idea came after he wonder in  Blackwold's Roost ruins, near Archet in Breeland. A broken crown was found under the mud. He took it on his hands and cleaned on the nearest river. 
Brigands came to claim it and he fought his way out. This mission showed what the meaning was. No matter how you help, no matter where you are, if you can help and defeat the evil forces you become a hero. A legend. You help the realms of Middle Earth. You are the other half. A king has half part of his crown and the other one belongs to you !


Edorwulf Edorwulf Man
Jehal Jehal Ancrath. Man
Tuuzan Tuuzan Duadhe Man

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