Camping in the Lone-lands

I departed from Sithad to patrol, scout, and see if there would be any threats upon the road other than beasts of Trollshaws. I only heard the swaying of trees, heard the beasts make their presence known, and seen the things that I did ere Nethdir and I departed from Imladris. I stood at an ancient ruined gazebo, looking off into the lands. Movement was sparse, only edhil and beasts, bears and boars. I arrived just before our company was leaving towards the west, Aurgil, a friend of Nethdir, alongside Naithgor, and Faerollas joined us. I am glad that more had joined us, we will certainly need it if we are to go to Fornost Erain, then to Angmar. Simply scouting most likely will serve the company's purpose. But, if a battle arises, and we destroy the attackers, said attackers being the orcs that came close to Mithlond, then the company's purpose will be complete. With haste had we departed, heading towards the road. We had to go uphil to the High Moor, then back down to the Ford of Bruinen. We continued upon the road with our hoods up, until we had arrived at a campfire, a woman and one elf stood there. We paused, for the woman had asked us a question. Nethdir answered, saying that we journey west out of these woods, and it would appear that the woman, was an old friend of Nethdir's, and joined our company. We continued underneath the cloak of night, proceeding at a steady pace, hoping to arrive at the Lone-lands as quickly as possible. We arrived at the Last Bridge, a bridge which carried the East Road over the Hoarwell, a beautiful sight that would fade over the times of journeying over the bleak, brown, and sparsely-populated land known as the Lone-lands. One last beautiful thing before going into a land so disheartening. It was decided that we would camp at a ruined gazebo near Haragmar. Limroval flew over head, scouting to make sure that none were upon the road. We made our campsite with haste, Aurgil had made some food to rejuvenate our spirits, and after that, we had slept. My sleep was filled with dreams of hope, that this journey would be over sooner rather than later, yet that would be false hope, and I dare not put something so dangerous into my heart and mind.