I Nírnaeth en-Ellath - music performance by Lindamar

I Nírnaeth en-Ellath

The Sorrows of the Eldar


Lindamar presents a music performance to remember and honor the great deeds and sorrows of the Eldar throughout the 1st and 2nd age.

March 25th, 2018
3 pm servertime (8 pm UK time / 9 pm CET)
Eilian’s watch (28.6S, 92.0W), south of the piers of Celondim

Event details:

Eilian's Watch


An age is coming to a close, accentuated by the Eldar leaving, and those remaining fated to slowly fade. In a time such as this, let us remember the deeds and the glory, and the sorrows and depth of despair that marked the great elven nations in ages past.


Lindamar, ensemble of Bar-en-Vanimar, invites all free people, Elves and elven-friends, to come and remember the history of the Eldar in Middle-Earth during the First and Second Age, a history so marked by great wars and conflicts:

  • - The Wars of Beleriand: First Battle of Beleriand, Dagor-nuin-Giliath, Battle of the Lammoth, Dagor Aglareb,  Dagor Bragollach, Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Fall of the Falas, and War of Wrath

  • - War of the Elves and Sauron: Sack of Eregion, First Siege of Imladris, and The Battle of the Gwathló

  • - War of the Last Alliance: Battle of Dagorlad, and Siege of Barad-dûr

OOC details:

This is an OOC event. However, everyone, elf-friends or good natured travelers of the free people, with a reasonable purpose for visiting or staying in area at the time of the concert, is welcome to use it as a backdrop for their RP.

Aralirion, Ealendil, Elvealin, Norliriel

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