Fëanáro Nosseö

Founding date
August 13:th 2013
to have plenty of fun!
Main area of operations
all over middle earth!
Kinship type
Wood elfs/The Family/Wardens of Arda/The red company
thy enemy of thy enemy...
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)


Fëanáró Nosseö (Kin of Feanor in Quenya, the language of the Eldar) is a Lotro kinship based on the EN-RP Laurelin server, started on 8/24/2013 by Lasaraeg Silmariliath and a band of enthusiastic elves, bent on creating a sizeable community of casual, social gamers - whose first rule in gaming is to have fun, as long as the manner of having fun does not obstruct the same right to their fellow players. We greatly admire the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, but we are not the kind of kin that scorns people for being out of character, if they give us the same courtesy. Basically, Fëanáró Nosseö can be described in three words: Tolerance, Friendship and Fun.


Arnurien Arnurien of Nargothrond Elf
Falathal Falathal Thulien, Song Warrior Elf
Monulph Monulph Noakes Hobbit
Slegtvalk Eohrick, Guard of the Isen Man

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