Hookworth Harvest Home

Join the friendly folks in the Bree-land village of Hookworth, for a celebration of the harvest season!

November 18th, 2017
3:00pm EST(servertime)/ 8:00pm GMT
Hookworth (Bree-land homestead)

Event details:

Citizens of Bree-land, guests, and travelers alike are welcome to stop by the town square in the village of Hookworth to share in their Harvest Home festival, celebrating the bountiful harvest and the change of the seasons.

Come join us for a scavenger hunt, costume contest, perhaps a little music and dancing, and endless food and drink provided by the Sizzling Turtle tavern.

(...though you may want to steer clear of the odd little cottage at the end of Fountain Street. Rumor has it the place may be haunted!)

OOC details:
  • This is an in-character, role-playing event! It will run so long as guests care to stay, the atmosphere will be very relaxed and informal!
  • Scavenger hunt instructions will be provided at the event.
  • Costumes will be judged in two categories: Most Beautiful, and Spookiest
  • Tavern menu can be found here: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/44497
  • Contact any KoE officer with questions!
Brynleigh, Inayat, Oronir, Brywyn, Ulfban, Neremnes, Leothross

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