For Wrath and for Ruin

Founding date
Late Third Age
To bring together the people of Rohan
Main area of operations
Rohan, Corstead Neighborhood
Kinship type
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)
Handarthol, Grettiawyn


If you had interest in this kinship, please go to Riders of the Riddermark, Corstead RP etc. is continuing there. ~Handarthol


"Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day! A red day ere the break of dawn!"


For Wrath and for Ruin is a rank 10 Rohirric kinship. We are not  aiming to have a single goal like most rohirric kins, but rather to be a community for all Rohan RPers.  Our first area of operations and the home of our themed neighborhood, Corstead will be the Sutcrofts, however we will recruit anyone from anywhere and you are free to RP as you wish, where you wish (as long as it's lore appropriate, i.e. no Rohirrim in the shire). Let's show them the full forces of the Riddermark! -"Now for Wrath, Now for Ruin, and a Red Dawn!"

Military - 

For Wrath and for Ruin has several military ranks, most of which can be obtained normally or by asking an officer. Currently we hold a single Eored, if you are interested in creating one message Handarthol. Ranking in the military has nothing to do with OOC ranking.


Fyrd - Peasant Levy (Anyone)

Sperewigend - Rider (Anyone)

Paethfindian - Scout (Anyone)

Scealdmaegden - Shield-Maiden (Female Only)

Forwost - Sergeant (Ask an Officer)

Bydel - Officer (IC Promotion Only)

Aethelwigend - Captain (IC Promotion Only)



Civil status is a  major part of our Corstead neighborhood and other settlements. For most ranks you must be elected by the village council or be granted the position by the thane.


Aeht - Council Member (Chosen by Thane)

Fierding-Forwost - Militia Captain (Chosen by Thane)

Fierding - Militia Member (Chosen by Fierding-Forwost)

Ealdorrman - Alderman, major land owner (Ask Thane, must own at least 2 estates)

Thane - Lord of a Settlement (Granted based on IC deeds as settlements open up)


Occupations (all open to anyone)

Blodmaegden - Healer

Daelian - Merchant

Eomaegister - Horse-Master

Talumirage - Bard

Ierthling - Farmer




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