Tirn en Nimbarad

2050 T.A.
To stand vigil against the enemies of Gondor, wherever in Middle-earth they may be found
Main area of operations
Eriador and Rhovanion
Kinship type
None known
None known
Kinship status Disbanded


Not all the might of Gondor is to be seen in serried hosts and shining banners. There are those who go forth as shadows in the dusk, on errands unbeknownst to all, walking lonely roads for years uncounted in silent, unwavering duty to the realm and lords of the White City.

Such men are we.

We are the Tirn en Nimbarad. Since the line of the kings failed we have kept watch over all the lands of Middle-earth, ever vigilant against threats to the sovereign power of the South-kingdom. We know no master but the Ruling Steward, Denethor son of Ecthelion the Lord of Minas Tirith. We come from many places, and hold to many faiths, but our charge is one and the same: to secure the borders and the people of the nation of Gondor against all enemies, not least the Enemy in the East. Until the King should come again, we remain at our posts, in distant lands and on foreign marches, standing hooded and cloaked against the falling darkness. Few know us. Fewer know our true purpose.

We watch. We wait.


After the line of the Kings of Gondor failed, Mardil the Good Steward, divining threat to the realm posed by its vacant throne, created in secret a company of march-watchers to keep vigil over the enemies of Minas Tirith from abroad. These were the most trusted retainers of the House of Húrin, men high in the favor of the first of the Ruling Stewards, and the first of what would become known as the Watchers of the White Tower: Tirn en Nimbarad in the high Elven-tongue.

The existence of the Tirn is known only to the Lord of Gondor and those privy to his councils, its members scattered incognito across all the lands of Middle-earth and working from the shadows to seek out and silence threats to the South-kingdom. With the passing of the years and the growing need for more eyes on the marches, the Tirn began to draw new blood from local peoples, swearing into its service Men of honor and good faith who would pledge allegiance to the Steward and the City. By the time of Barahir's rule in Minas Tirith the secret rolls of the Watchers were more than half filled with names of men and women who had never even seen the borders of Gondor, though field leadership remained exclusively Gondorian as a matter of course and tradition.

In this year of 3019 T.A, the Watchers' sparse presence in the wide lands of Eriador and Rhovanion is under nominal command of one Annúnion, styled Arantir. As the Shadow looms in the East, he seeks keen eyes and stout hearts by his side in the Tirn, for its ancient vigil draws to a close...

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