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Creating a Character Profile

To create your character profile, go to "My profile" in the left sidebar menu, or click the "Create your profile" link in "My account". This will bring you to the creation form for the profile.

There are two input formats, Filtered HTML and BBCode, more information about them can be found by pressing the "More formatting tips" at the bottom of the "Input Format" dropdown list. The link below the textarea will enable the text editor, allowing you to see the final product as you write, without the visible code.

If you're copying text from Word, make sure to first copy it to a plain text editor (Notepad, Stickies, etc.) to get rid of any formatting that might conflict with the Archives' text editor before copying it into the textarea.

Fill in the required fields and whatever other fields you wish and press submit at the end of the form.

The profile will be automatically titled the same as your username, this is among other things why it is important that you register with the character's exact in-game name. It will also be given an automatic address (/profile/[your user id]), making it easy to find and link to.

For the purpose of recording the legacy of the server, you cannot delete character profiles. If you've quit the game, deleted the character etc. simply change the status field to reflect this.


Wherever an input format is used, you can use the freelinking double-bracket tags to link to anything on the site. For example, [[Calenon]], will link to Calenon's profile if it exists. If it doesn't, it will search for the word on the site. To add a custom label to the link, separate the link from the label using a | symbol. For example, [[Calenon|That darn elf]], will link to Calenon's profile but will be printed as "That darn elf".