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Submitting Images

First of all, the goal of the site is to showcase the creations of the community, so this is a place for showing your screenshots and/or artwork, not that of others. If you still feel justified in posting other artists' work, then make sure you are permitted to do so and have a disclaimer in the description mentioning the original artist.

Go to "Create content" in the left sidebar menu and select "Image" to begin submitting your images. Write the name of the image in the title field, remember to not use any kind of punctuation at the end of the title to avoid messing with the referencing. Mark which kind of image it is and then use the upload field to upload your chosen image. Add a description as well if you want.

Once submitted, the image node will contain the image, description and an image link that can be used to insert the image in your profiles, stories etc.

If you want to delete the image, edit the node which acts as container of the image and press delete at the end of the form. If you only remove the uploaded picture, the node with description will remain.

How To Correctly Credit Artwork On The Laurelin Archives

"Hey, I made that painting!”

One day an artist discover his/her own paintings/photographs, have been used on a website but their names or the source of the art are not mentioned by the posters. Art is wonderful and artists love to share their work on the internet, all they ask is that we remember to mention they made that nice painting or photograph.

In order to avoid copyrights problems, you need to cite the original source for each photograph/painting you place on the Laurelin Archives, unless it’s your own, of course.

The next question is: What is an original source? An original source is the artist/photographer or the publication/site for which the image was created. Original sources do not include sites like Google Image Search, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest. When you find a nice image you want to use on the internet, right-click on it and then chose 'Search Google for this image' by doing so you will be able to find the original source/DeviantArt artist that created that artwork.

Crediting art correctly is important -- artists love to create and share with all of us so it is only fair we mention them to avoid any legal copyrights issues.

Thank You for your collaboration in helping us running The Laurelin Archives.