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Mithon Nellion


Glandir o Lothlórien.

ResidenceLothlórien, Ered Luin

Wardens of the White Lady

Outward Appearance

Mithon stands as any Elf, proud of his heritage, should. At an average height of around six-feet, Mithon's build compliments him. He is not overweight, nor under.


His eyes are his most prominent feature. Many have commented on it, they peirce all around - looking for a discussion to be had, or piece of news from afar.


His clothing is of typical Elf-cloth; extravagant, yet not Lordy above measure. Robes and tunics he 'oft prefers.


In battle, his armour gleams white 'till the black blood of Orcs stains it. Heavy, though it may be, he compliments with strong arms and legs.



Names and Titles

Mother and Father Name(s): Mithon, meaning 'Grey One'. The given name, by his Father. Nelion, meaning 'Third Son'. The name given to him by his Mother.


After-name(s): None known, as of yet.

Title(s): Honoured of the White Lady, given to him due to services of great value to Lothlórien. Flet-runner, gifted for his services as a courier, alongside Andarne, in his youth. Warrior of Lothlórien, gifted for his duty as a soldier.



Valar Worshipped: Irmo, Lord of Dreams and Master of the Gardens of Lórien. Oromë, the Huntsman and Finder of the Elves. Estë, the Healer of hurts and weariness. Nienna, Lady of sorrow and grief. Yavanna, the Kindler of nature and living things. Varda, Lady of the Stars.



Mithon (Pronounced: M-eye-fo-on) is one of the Silvan Elves of Lothlórien, born in Laer (Summer), in the first years of the Third Age. Of Vanyaring descent, Mithon was born to Valatidnë and Hethon, and grew up with his two siblings and cousin, Andarne.

Like many children, he was tutored in the arts of song, warfare and craft. Though Mithon was not adept in music, as his dear friend Tanes was, he did excell in the crafts of Cooking and Farming.  Indeed, his own father did once call upon his services during a gathering - to which all guests complimented the young cook.

As one, by one, his family left the lands; Mithon was left alone, in Lórien, with his closest friends and cousin. His siblings, of whom shan't be recounted here, sailed with his parents; and Tanes, his most dear friend, left the land on a journey elsewhere. Sadly, the few years that he had did not teach him of lonliness - and he found it difficult, at first. For he was at a loss; why?

But Mithon survived; not alone as he would have thought. His cousin was there, and helped him attain a standing within Caras Galadhon. Before long, he was a regular baker at the Hythe events; yet, his mind wandered often over the borders.

It was, therefore, his judgement that led him away from home. With his Counsin's words as counsel, and the encouragment of his neighbours, Mithon set for Imladris - a realm he had never set foot in before. With him, went a party of Elves - friends, each and every one. But, in his mind, an inkling thought - would he find old friends there?

His search was not in vain, and in the middle-years of the Third Age, he came to the lands of Elrond; meeting, once again, friends of old and new. For a time, he lingered - marvelling in the wonders of Imladris, and his Western cousins. Yet, his heart was not free - and his spirit told him to go further.

He began to travel West, after this. Coming, in swiftness, to Celondim in Ered Luin. There, he heard the gulls call - and the sea-longing awoke within him. Mithon was distressed, for it was a new call to him - and he pondered, greatly, on wether or not to sail with those that succumbed to the call. But being of firm resolve, he ignored the calling for the time being - and set up a homestead in the lands.

There, he lived in peace - helping the peoples of Duillond, and Celondim, by baking fine foodstuffs for the Elves and their visitors. He did not, once, think of the Sea - but always of those that were not with him. His brothers, his cousin, Tanes. Where were they?

It was not until the year 3018, of the Third Age, that he met Tanes again; she whom he had loved since children. It was, as he said himself, a "glorious reunion, in which my heart sung like the sweetest birdsong". For a time, they recalled the past - and what the future might bring. But Mithon was always careful not to scare away his friend, for the fear of lonliness was ever present within his mind.

However, he was not yet destined for a life with another - and despite his best efforts, both Tanes and he agree'd that they had drifted too far apart. That he was embracing his own nature, and she; hers. Two different things, that would only cause them sorrow together - as they could not follow each other. Of course, it was a great shock to Mithon - but, it strengthened his courage, and friendship, with the Lady. For Mithon is not a vengeful sort, but forgiving and friendly.

Now, he lingers in both Imladris and Celondim - alternating when he will, to either land. A quick traveller, yet always with the gleam of a memory of home within his eyes. Mithon hopes, some day, that he may find peace, love...and friendship anew.




Andarne, Tinuvinil, Galvathalion, Malliel a Tanes


Cousin: Andarne.


Sauron and his.

LovesThe Land, cooking

Morgoth Bauglir and his lieutenant; Sauron. All threats against Lothlórien, rudeness and lack of Duty.


The success of the Free Peoples in the age-long war against Evil.

Quotes"If it were not for this armour..."

Mithon's Adventures

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Mithon's Adventures

Mithon's Gallery

Mithon's Gallery