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Tir Mithrin O Forod

Founding date
Goal To maintain true to our Oath
Main area of operations All across the Lands
Kinship type Man

The Bree Watch, Hini Iluvataro, Elite Riders of Rohirrim, The Bloody Dawn, In Dae Tirn, The Council


All those who endanger the Free Peoples and it's Lands

Kinship status Active
Recruiting Officer(s)

Aeruthuil, Brandant, Saebrelin, Ayiana, Siofran, Holrandir, Gethann


Banner made by: Dervenor


Aeruthuil Captain Aeruthuil Man
Alisyn Alisyn Man
Auphine Auphine Man
Ayiana Ayiana (Aya) Man
Brandant Brandant Aethelwyn Man
Eliad Eliad Man
Haradraug Haradraug Meluihir Man
Holrandir Holrandir Man
Nesben Nesben Flenduil "Ben" Man
Nyssalvia Nyssalvia Man
Saebrelin Saebrelin Elf
Siofran Siofran Breckenridge Man
Tothrandir Tothrandir Man

Adventures by Members

Images by Members