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Lord Ithelion 'Ithy' Wrendale




Circle of the Silver Swords

Outward Appearance

Height: Five foot five inches


Hair: Coal black

Eyes: Dark green with small brown flakes


​A short frail man with a noble's face. He has black hair and warm green eyes the shine with mirth. His lips are curled into a smile and there is a cut along his cheek from his past that is covered in an herb paste that smells of mint and honey. He tends to wear blue and styles of the nobles of Gondor. He also has scars from a harsh lashing on his back.

Weapons/ items: He carries a large staff carved to look like the antlers of a deer. He also carries a knife hidden in his robe though he does not use it often. 

His ring: a beautiful silver band with three bright red rubies, representing the roses of Lossonarch

Ithelion is known for being a bit sickly and is seen quite often with a pale face and furrowed eyebrows.

 (Picture by JosieSnowy)


Ithelion moved from his nobility in Gondor when he became an adult. He lived with a mother who worked as a healer and a father who was Lord of a small area. He took after them in many ways. He prefers luxury and comfort over bare need. He tends to carry airs about him and has no need for gold or coin. Though very kind once he gets to know someone he tends to have a 'bratty' attitude when first met.

Ithelion prefers the company of his cat and other small animals over humans though he can be found in crowded areas. His healing skills are not well known and have been learned through his reading of books that his family had, many of which he took with him when he moved. His house is filled with many pieces of knowledge and he is keen about each scroll and book.

Due to growing up around plants he knows many things about them and likes to share his knowledge. His clothes smell of spices and honey from his teas and his hair is always tied back carefully with a small strap of rabbit hide. The scar on his cheek tends to be rubbed with a bit of mint and honey along ginger since it pains him slightly. As does the memory of how he got it. 

His lover found him with a lady, talking to her in a field. His lover, a male, confronted him and the lady chose not to help him by saying the child she was carrying was his.  It came to blows and due to his frail form and weak strength he lost.  People started to turn away as he walked by. He knows not if it was the lady or the blacksmith that caused it.

He does his best not to remember it though he gets reminded about it quite a bit. 

His heart has been shattered enough and he has become a bit untrusting of those around him though Raevenhart is helping him move part this. He is of course marrying the other noble and they have a child name Inga under their care which they are both raising. Ithelion is taking teachings from Rae and has leaned much in the way of poisons and he now carries a few antidotes and such with him along with a few horrid smelling concoctions. 

Political views: Ithelion cares little for Bree's watch due to a lack of support for those who have come for other lands. He finds no comfort in the ignoring of the threats outside the walls of the town that even the rangers know of. He care little for what happens in the town as long as it doesn't pertain to him. He had read the city's lore and finds it quite boring compared to his own as he had been through hardship and seen many die.  He will obey the laws though even he is known for looking for an alternative to the watch. He will have political debates with people as long as they do not go too far in a direction of fighting.  

Loves:Tea, spending like in nature as it reminds him of his past home, animals as they have become friends to him during his travels from his home in Gondor to Bree. He likes to debate others and be around those that are like minded. He loves Raevenhart very much along with the daughter they are raising together, Inga. He has siblings he has left behind is Gondor he would very much like to see again.

Hates:Anyone who seems to harm others without reason, rudeness and those who pick fights, anything that reminds him of his past home in a negative way. He also has a strong distaste for those who are corrupt and remind him at all of his father.

Quirks: Ithelion is a drunkard and will drink quiet heavily if someone is not there to stop him. The habit was formed because of his father, Forlong the Fat. Ithelion has been know to scream or cry out in his sleep due to what he has faced in his past due to his family. The young lord's scars every so often do cause him pain without reason. Ithelion his a believer in the sisters of the rivers and will bring baskets to the rivers of Bree even if he is far from home. 

Family: Lord Ithelion Wrendale is the son of Forlong the Fat and nephew to the Steward of Gondor. His mother is one of the Steward's sisters and he is cousin to Faramir and Boromir. This make him well know in Gondor by name at least. 

Personality: Sharp tongued and witty when he isn't oblivious to everything. He can fain innocence well when he chooses though his eyes can show his true emotions quite easily. He is soft spoken and chooses logic over violence since it tends to have better results though is known for childish pranks and banters. 

Voice: His voice is light and calm, it never seems to have edge or harshness to it and he speaks in sad, longing tones. The words are heavily accented like those of Gondor and for such a crude sounding language to him he speaks Westron quite well. 

Mood: Ithelion tends to be happy though he finds he has sad points and become guilted easily. He is calm and lets logic take over which also gives him a false obliviousness toward many things. He is slow to temper but once he is mad any fight started has been lost.

Spouse: Ithelion's spouse is Doctor Raevenhart Merhast. He is attached to him dearly and would do anything to protect the man.

Job: Ithelion is a healer in training under his husband. He is learning quickly and hopefully be able to help those who need it when his husband may not be able to. He started his training when he was young and continued when he was older.

Logs and Dairy: Ithelion writes down much of what happens from his point of view and his options. He normally writes first what he saw and told and then whe he thinks of the matter. The journal is kept on him normally in a bag or stuffed inside one of his tunics. In it is also a letter home, to his people which he has yet to send though he knows he must at some point.

Lord Ithelion Wrendale- Merhast's letter by Chrysanthe-Baggin


((Background story: ))


Husband:Raevenhart Friends: Bryn, Areli, Hawke, Otthor




Ealstan, Riichard


Tea, spending like in nature as it reminds him of his past home, animals as they have become friends to him during his travels from his home in Gondor to Bree. He likes to debate others and be around those that are like minded. Raevenhart


Anyone who seems to harm others without reason, rudeness and those who pick fights, anything that reminds him of his past home in a negative way.


To help those around him as best he can.


"I have learned to heal because I do not want to kill, I want to help not hinder."

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