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Circle of the Silver Swords

Founding date
Goal RP network spanning across Middle Earth.
Main area of operations Bree-land
Kinship type Mixed




Kinship status Active
Recruiting Officer(s)

Raevenhart Chrysanthe


Circle of the Silver Swords is recruiting! We are a well established Social Kinship, with all kinds of players across Middle Earth, from all walks of life. No need for a certain 'character type' or 'storyline'. We have PvPers, Rpers, raiders, and casual players. We offer leveling and crafting support, as well as a Discord server!


Chrysanthe Chrysanthe Baggin Hobbit
Ithelion Lord Ithelion 'Ithy' Wrendale Man
Khazim Khazim Basara Man
Mincho Mincho Metora Hobbit
Oshelga Oshelga "Sarf" Stoneclaw Man
Raevenhart Doctor Raemond (Raven) Merhast Man
Shaewyn Shaewyn, "Shae" Man
Tariri Tariri Caster Hobbit

Adventures by Members

There are no adventures related to this kinship yet.

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