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Hudd Forester


Journeyman blacksmith at the Red Anvil Smithy in Combe.

ResidenceThe Red Anvil with his betrothed, Ellie Statler. Once a week, typically on Sundays, he returns home a little ways away.


Outward Appearance

Hudd Forester, born in Combe, is a young man of twenty–one with an easy smile, freckles splattered over the bridge of his nose, and quintessentially Breeish curls of dark brown hair. He stands at 5′8″ with a muscular build and the forearms of a blacksmith, old burns lingering here and there. In town he wears flashy vests and a cordial (if boastful) demeanour, yet at the forges he dons with his black apron a certain sense of workmanship and a strange, driven intensity to his eyes.

Banner image: Illustration by W. Small (1883)


Born the youngest of the four children of Dick and Bertha Forester, Hudd was predestined for apprenticeship. Hugh, the eldest, was set to inherit. Art, the second, joined the Watch. Caitlin struck out towards Trestlebridge, discontent with her family and the state of Combe. Thus Hudd was sent to be an apprentice of the blacksmith Robb Statler at a tender age. Growing up alongside his middle child, Ellie Statler, and soon joined by Master Statler's second apprentice, Ford Hornbranch, he became an excellent blacksmith, consumate and precise.

Since the untimely death of Robb Statler, Hudd has long completed his apprenticeship, but maintains his position underneath his old friend (and occasional rival) Ellie, and is on weekdays often found either at the Statler's smithy, the Red Anvil, or the Comb & Wattle enjoying a mug.


A number in Combe, yet he is closest with those he grew up with at Red Anvil: his beloved, Ellie Statler and (until his recent disappearance) Ford Hornbranch. He is fond of Lyn Woodman, Ellie's cousin whom he sees as the little sister he never had.


The Forester family: His father Dick, his mother Bertha, and his older siblings Hugh, Art, and Caitlin.


A minor rivalry between himself and Ellie; he detests the worthless watchman Worther Blake and the dark Ibota Wormwood.


• The way sunlight streams through the Statler residence's windows in the morning
• The scent of Ellie's hair and the starry freckles on her back
• A warm hearth and being read or told a good yarn
• Long walks through the Chetwood
• Dares
• Winning
• Shaping metal at the forge


• His struggles with literacy
• Losing and being proven wrong
• Burns and mistakes


To make his mark on the world and to live a life worthy of song, if his stars would so let him.


"Bloody hell, Hudd, have some tact."
Hudd sighs. "You know I never had none."

Hudd's Adventures

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Hudd's Adventures

Hudd's Gallery

Hudd's Gallery